Position : Hair & Makeup Artist 

Languages : Portuguese, English

Beauty Background : I started my beauty journey 17 years ago, as a self taught makeup artist, when social media was not “a thing” and I had no idea YouTube would be a place for makeup tutorials in the future. I was always “that friend” who would do everyone’s hair and makeup for a party - and the last one to get ready - just because I had this passion for making people feel like the best version of themselves! A few years later, I decided to learn photography because I was always trying to understand how the camera would photograph the makeup under different lighting conditions and environments . It’s safe to say that gaining that knowledge definitely changed my artistry 100%. Today I’m lucky to say that I have met the most incredible people throughout my career in the beauty industry, and that is the best thing about working with so many amazing clients and talented artists! Besides being a full time hair & makeup artist, I’m also a field trainer for Danessa Myricks Beauty, one of my favorite makeup brands (and whenever I have some free time, I do beauty photography too!) 

Career highlight : I have worked with celebrities, I’ve traveled to places and met people I never thought I’d see or meet, but honestly, I’m currently living the highlight of my career! I have been living the dream I always had to be successful doing what I love and that is priceless.

Current favorite bridal beauty trends : Sun Kissed/ Glowy Skin, French Twists, Effortless Updos

Top three products/tools I can’t live without : Blurring Balm Powder tinted (Danessa Myricks) , Schwartzkopf Dust Powder, Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lip liner

Guilty pleasures : Reality TV Shows (yes I binge watch Selling Sunset every new season) 


Fernanda is an absolute master in beauty! She was she super easy to set up and book, and she was so friendly and easygoing. I showed her a couple pictures of the look I was going for, and BAM - SHE NAILED IT! I have never in my life been called stunning so many times as I did that night after having her make me over. Thank you thank you THANK YOU Fernanda! I cannot wait for my next event!

“An absolute master in beauty!

xoxo Erin

I'm so happy to have hired her for my wedding day. She was timely, professional, and super sweet.
I could tell she got a kick out of family banter and she even touched up my gram's blush even though she didn't get her hair or makeup done. I would absolutely hire Fernanda again as she made me look and feel like a gorgeous bride."

“Fernanda was absolutely awesome to work with! 

xoxo Chrissy

I have extremely fine, thin, textureless hair and am really never happy with it, especially when getting it styled for a formal event. I found Fernanda on Thumbtack and hired her for my wedding because she showed real interest, curiosity, flexibility, and realism when we talked over the app. She did not over-promise about what she could do with my hair, and asked lots of questions. It was clear she cared about getting it right and managing my expectations. During our appointment, she responded to my feedback throughout and remained thoughtful, warm, and professional.
The result could not have been better. For once, I really, really loved my hair. I couldn't believe what she accomplished (without extensions or clip ins!!!) and it stayed gorgeous all night. I really can't recommend her enough and the difference between my experience with Fernanda compared to others who have styled my hair for events in the past cannot be exaggerated. My mother-in-law literally cannot stop talking about how great my hair looked on the day of the wedding; she is really not a fan of my usual hair (lol!) so I think she was in shock that my hair could look so great.

“Fernanda was absolutely incredible.

xoxo Casey

Really, If I could rate Fernanda 10 million and more stars I would!!! She made my hair and makeup for my wedding ceremony, and yes, I expected to feel beautiful but she made me feel the prettiest women on earth and for that I will always be grateful. Fernanda, you will be booked every single event I have, get ready!!!

“If I could rate Fernanda 10 million and more stars I would!

xoxo Mayara