Caitlyn brought my glam vision to life better than I ever imagined someone could. 

Even when it came to where she would do my hair and makeup when she arrived, she was so thoughtful and intentional on protecting my energy and keeping me calm.

xoxo Stephanie

Your wedding day beauty should make you feel like your most authentically beautiful self:
all day, rain or shine, and after all of the vows, hugs, and well-wishes.

Our Services

rates & packages

Full service and a la carte bridal beauty to suit the unique needs of your day, including a bride only package and additional artist options.



Comprehensive beauty services for your Mehndi, wedding ceremony, and any additional wedding events, with bride-only and larger party options.


Whether you're a Nearlywed, in the wedding party, or family member, our grooming services are for anyone seeking some custom pampering on the big day.


South Asian Bridal

We’ve highlighted our various services below, and welcome you to reach out with any questions about your specific wedding day needs.

Frequently asked questions


What type of products do you use?

We stand firmly against animal testing, and use only brands that we know and trust to deliver premium quality benefits that will survive any event and photograph flawlessly.


Do you offer airbrush makeup?

In short, no. To us, skin is one of the most important elements of a beautiful makeup, and we've found that using high quality, traditional makeup is the best way for us to create a dimensional, natural looking skin that lasts all night.


Can you service large parties?

Yes we can! Beginning at a four-service minimum per artist and for a hiring fee of $150 per additional artist, we will take care of all correspondence, etc for the artistry team.


Do you have a travel fee?

Mileage will be charged at a rate of $2.00 per mile from where the artist/team is based. All tolls and parking costs must also be covered.


What are Concierge Services?

Concierge services extend the luxury, red carpet experience past initial hair and makeup services - offering support and assisting during photos, repositioning the dress and/or hair, catching renegade tears, and touching up where needed.


Do you offer hair and makeup trials?

Yes! We prefer the term 'Preview', because they're the perfect opportunity to meet with your artist and preview your vision through their eyes.


How do I inquire for my date?

We would love to hear from you! Please visit our Bridal Inquiry Form to share details about yourself and your wedding! We’ll get back you with our availability and options.

It’s moments like that that I still recall when I think about my wedding.

Caitlyn kept me relaxed, engaged, and just treated me like a person — something every bride needs on that day. Even when things got crazy and chaotic, she made it clear that you were her main focus — how you looked and how you felt — everything else was secondary.

xoxo Danica

Caitlyn's talent is so incredible and diverse. She doesn't just do the basic steps for each client, she truly customizes a look for your features and your personal vision. Every bride needs Caitlyn for their big day because you will not only be taken care of professionally, but you'll feel a comfort with her that every bride needs on their wedding day.

“The moment I saw Caitlyn's work, I knew she was it.”


She is able to see the vision exactly as you describe it and create the perfect look to enhance all of your beauty. For any bride on her wedding day, I would recommend Caitlyn every time to look and feel your absolute best!!

“Caitlyn knows how to exactly highlight your features and make you feel beautiful, while still feeling
like yourself.”

xoxo kirsten

I was blown away not only by her outstanding hair and makeup talent but also her caring and calming nature and attention to detail. She perfectly executed my hair and make up vision and was also such a great help to everyone around that day (photographer, videographer, planner, etc). All of my bridesmaids (hair and make up done by her team) were stunning and I could not have asked for more.

“Caitlyn and her team are absolutely incredible”

xoxo Lauren

I added Caitlyn's concierge services to my wedding package and am very thankful I did! She kept me feeling calm and picture perfect leading up to the walk down the aisle. Cant thank her and her team enough for helping to make my wedding weekend the most magical weekend of my life!

“I've never felt more beautiful in my life!”

xoxo Ashley

Caitlyn played a HUGE part on my wedding day, stayed by my side and made sure that I looked my best during the photos (was raining/storming all afternoon) and even re-curled my bangs before I left for the ceremony. This is why I HIGHLY recommend that you book her as your concierge because she was literally the best! 

“The best investment that I made for our wedding.”



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